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Let’s dig a little deep into my background, I am trained as an attorney, project management specialist, business negotiator, and personal Intercultural communications coach offering a variety of services to individuals and organizations engaged in endeavors that require effective Intercultural communication.
Reading, reading, and reading, that is what I would have to say when people ask me about my success as a writer. I have always been fond of reading and writing, through years of my experience I gained much knowledge to create my own piece of writing. We know that nowadays, picking up existing data is practiced often which restricts the audience to think intellectually, with this I also hold the title of being a writer and capacity development specialist who offers his services across English-speaking countries around the world.

I hold a trained professional degree from The Harvard Business School and University of London, marking my presence internationally as the convener of the BusinessPoint Network which has its presence across 180 countries globally. I have achieved wonders with being a founder of many businesses and participating as an essential member within the board of over 17 companies across 4 continents. Not to worry my story doesn’t end here, I would also like you to know about my writing expertise. I have written over 12 books which have been successfully published internationally, being the best sellers.

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Budget Friendly

I offer budget friendly services. Once in all we are in a state of doubt and seek assistance in pursuing a better future, it’s just one thoughtful pinch that needs to strike us through. I will surely light the tunnel for you and will make you experience that one essential stroke you need in life, by surrounding all the positive energy in order to have a successful future.


Professional Expertise

Profound strategies with Prof. Alex.
It may be business or human consultations, following professional strategies should be an utmost priority for future endeavors.
My expert consultations hold a strategical road map to every problem. It’s not just solving; it’s about adding value and quality respectively. Addinf more to my consultation and negotiation services they are what you exactly need at the most crucial points.

My expertise holds a formal yet informative value. The philosophical approach extends formal negotiations that involve communications and psychological skill set which is only achieved through hands-on experience.

Performing coaching internationally, It's the thinking that works, I follow the thinking approach, which involves steps. Believing to first fully understanding the client’s needs and interests, and then working to efficiently negotiate to create an effective agreement that advances and protects those interests and the client’s negotiating goals, without unduly transgressing upon the interests of other parties.
I do not at all view negotiation as combat; it is the seeking of common ground.
To further add, Prof. Alex’s philosophical approach is practiced internationally.

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